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Gymnastics: MIT Alumni Invitational

By David F. Pendrys

CAMBRIDGE, MA- In NAIGC action Saturday afternoon, the MIT Engineers club team welcomed in a variety of teams to their home gym including an MIT Alumni contingent, the Cambridge Community Gymnastics squad, Boston University, Vermont, Brandeis, and individual competitors including from Tufts.

Here is a playlist of many routines (MIT, BU, and CCG) from the meet:

The NAIGC, the organization which oversees all the non-NCAA college gymnastics (and then some), features a motto of “For the Love of the Sport” since the competitors reflect athletes who continue the sport because they love it since there is no other inducements to continue. This is not to say varsity or elite athletes don’t love the sport either, just that the approach is different. While the event winners are celebrated, the overall goal is just to give people a chance to continue to do gymnastics.

With that said, some higher scores will be highlighted but the real victory is for everyone who competed, whether they are polishing routines or still struggling to put it all together in the time that they have.

Hadar Paritzky Alon, Jasmine Lennert, Kat Hendrickson, Luna Gonzalez, Marlis Denk-Lobnig, Rachel Hausmann, Rebecca Noel, and Selena Li competed for MIT.

Lennert’s 33.1 All Around score led MIT. Noel had the team’s best FX of 8.35. Lennert led the Engineers with an 8.15 on Beam, an 8.35 on UB, and a 8.5 on Vault. She also posted an 8.1 on Floor. Alon, Denk-Lobnig, Hausmann, and Noel all broke 8 on Vault with Noel flying to an 8.35. On Bars Li had an 8.1. Noel compiled a 32.25 in the All Around.

For the MIT Alumni, Ashley Tran Morin, Chrystal Chern, Helen Yang, Kelsey Seto, and Kristen Watkins, as well as Nate Sharpe competed. Nate Sharpe did one of the “Women’s” events in addition to his Men’s rotation just as his wife Julia Sharpe would be competing on the “Men’s” events. The Alums come primarily from what was MIT’s Varsity team which was cut several years ago. The club team which competes now rose from that team’s ashes, but most of the Alums were from the period when the Division 3 NCAA Team still existed.

Morin posted a 34.35 in the All-Around, including a team leading 9.25 on Floor, and team leading 8.55 on Vault, as well as a 8.45 on Beam, and 8.1 on Bars. Seto put up a 34.2 including her team best score of 9.1 on Beam, another team leading score of 8.55 on Bars, and an 8.2 on Vault and 8.35 on Floor.

Kristen Watkins and Helen Yang both broke 8 on Vault as well. Yang also posted an 8.25 on Beam and a 8.55 on Floor. Chrystal Chen put up an 8 on the Bars to contribute to the team’s effort. Sharpe competed only on Beam.

A playlist of just MIT and MIT Alumni routines (Men’s & Women’s.)

For Cambridge Community Gymnastics, the Adult rec team which also calls MIT home, Abbie Green, Allison Freeman, Amber Cossette, Caitlin Smythe, Carmen Carbonell, CJ Minich, Genevieve Barnard, Hannah Black, Jacquelyn DeWolfe, Mia Lazarewicz, Sarah Sklarsky, Skyler Kelerman, and Jackie Renschmidt all competed.

Cossette put together a 34.85 in the All Around and lead the Dinos with a 8.55 on Beam. She also scored a 9.15 on Floor, an 8.6 on Bars and a 8.55 on Vault. Lazarewicz had the team’s best Floor score of 9.3. Smythe posted a squad leading 8.85 on Bars, and Black had the top score among her team of 8.7.

On the Vault the entire team broke or tied 8 as Green had a 8.25, Smythe an 8.5, Barnard an 8.5, DeWolfe an 8.1 and Sklarsky an 8.

Green’s 8. 2 on Bars, Barnard’s 8.3, DeWolfe’s 8.1 and Kelerman’s 8.65 added to the team Bars effort. DeWolfe and Kelerman both broke 8s on Beam and Renschmidt had an 8.4. Freeman’s 8.35, Green’s 8.15, Smythe’s 8, Black’s 8.95, DeWolfe’s 8.85 and Kelerman’s 8 was all part of the Floor action.

A playlist of just CCG routines:

Kiana G, Marrisa H, and Whilemina H competed for Vermont. Marrisa had an 8.85 on Floor, and an 8.05 on Vault for the top scores that also broke 8.

Becca Ascherman, Emily Botto, Gianna Petrillo, Hanna Deroche, and Nell Baker made up the Brandeis squad. Botto posted a 9.15 on Floor, Baker led the team with an 8.5 on Vault, and Petrillo had a team leading 8.15 on Beam. Botto and Ascherman broke 8 on the Vault, and Ascherman hit an 8 on Beam.

Hawley Brown, the lone competitor from Tufts, tore things up with a 34.55 in the All Around, a 9.2 on Floor, a 9.05 on Beam, an 7.2 on Vault, and an 8.1 on Bars.

For BU, Alex Smyrnios, Auste Subaciute, Cassidy Smith, Emilie Piatak, Maria Iennaco, Nikita Limaye, Ruthie Ferrante, Talia Flores, Taylor Federchook, and Vivian Lau took to the mat.

Limaye’s 35.85 not only led the Terriers but the entire meet in the All Around. This included a squad leading 9.4 on Bars, and a 9.35 on Floor, as well as an 8.75 on Beam, and a 8.35 on Vault.

Subaciute and Flores each had 9.4s for the best team scores on the Floor. Iennaco had a 9.35, Smymios a 9.3, Ferrante a 9.2, Smith a 9.1, Lau a 9 and Federchook an 8.9 in a high impact rotation. On the Beam, Lau led her team with a steady 9 while Smith broke 8, Iennaco had an 8.6, Ferrante an 8.4, and Federchook an 8.55.

On the Bars, Subaciute swung to an 8.6, Smith a 8.3, Iennaco an 8.1, and Flores had an 8. Over on the Vault, Smymios flew to an 8.4, Smith a 8.25, Iennaco added an 8.45, Flores an 8.2, and Federchook an 8.55. Ferrante had the best score of the day with an 8.6.

A playlist of just BU routines:

On the “Men’s” side the gymnasts were divided up into two groups. Men’s Modified NCAA and Men’s Developmental.

In the Modified division, Caleb Dafilou represented Brandeis and had a 12.9 on Floor in addition to a Vault performance.

Carlos Mujun who was on his own, put up a 64.5 in the All Around including an 11.9 on Floor, and an 11 on Vault.

MIT was represented by Dan Levine, Jesse Gibson, Justin Reid, and Will White. White’s 74.8 took the All Around title as he hit a 13.2 on Floor, 12.4 on Pommels, 12.7 on Rings, 12.9 on Vault, 12.3 on Parallel Bars, and a 11.3 on High Bar. Gibson had a 64.7 including an 11.1 on Floor, 11.3 on Rings, 11.7 on Vault, 11.5 and 11.5 on Bars. Levine had a 11.7 on Rings amidst his All Around. Reid had an 11 on Floor as well. The team put together a 202.5 score on the day.

For the MIT Alumni, Patrick Barragan, Bernd Schoner, Jake Shapiro, Julia Sharpe, Mike Veldman, and Nate Sharpe competed for a total of 208.4. Shapiro had a 68.7 in the AA, Schoner a 68.3, Nate Sharpe a 67.8 and Julia Sharpe a 66.9.

Julia Sharpe’s 13.3 on the Floor topped all the Gymnasts that day. Schoner and Shapiro had 11.7s, and Nate Sharpe an 11.2. Shapiro led the team with an 11.8 on Pommels, and a Schoner hit an 11. Nate Sharpe scored a 12.8 to lead Alums on Rings, Schoner posted an 11.7 and Shapiro a 11.3.

Julia Sharpe’s 12 on Vault was first among alums, Shapiro flew to a 11.7 and Schoner a 11.2. On the Parallel Bars Schoner was first among the Engineers with a 11.5, Nate Sharpe had a 11.4, and Shapiro a 11.1. on High Bar, Schoner’s 11.2, Shapiro’s 11.1, and Julia Sharpe’s 11 led the alums.

For Vermont, Danny S, Doug H, Matt C, Meghan M, Nick G, Ryan P, and Taylor N competed. Meghan joins the ranks of Women crossing to the “Men’s” side in the NAIGC and she led her team with an 11.5 on Floor. Nick G was the team’s best on Pommels, and Danny S had the top Vault score among Catamounts.

Jonathan Lerch competed for BU an posted a 60.1 in the All Around including a 12. on Floor, 11.8 on Pommels, 12.5 on Rings, 12.8 on Parallel Bars, and 10.9 on Vault.

For CCG, Chris Chu, Eric Petersen, Matthia Tager, and Wyat Berlinic represented the Dinos. Chu had an 11.9 on Floor, followed by Tager’s 11.4, and Petersen’s 11.3 Chu had a team leading 11.1 on Pommels as well. Berlinic scored a 12.9 on the Rings, and Chu had a 11.2 on the Vault as well. Tager’s 12.2 on Pommels was a team leading result too.

In the Men’s Developmental division, Jacob Regenstein and Jay Pinilla represented Brandeis on Floor.

For MIT, Anthony McHugh, Callum Macintosh, Conor Kirby, Dylan Grullon, Erik Landry, Eudald Romo, James Koppel, Julian Alverio, Kevin Foley, Mark Chounlakone, Y. William Yu, and Abraham Gertler all competed.

Grullon had a 11.3 to lead MIT, Landry posted a 10.8, and McHugh a 10.6. Yu scored a 10.7 on Pommels, Landry had a 11.2 on Rings, Foley had a 10.4, and Kirby a 10.3. On Vault Grullon flew to a 10.7, Gertler a 10.5 and Kirby a 10.3. Foley and Landry led all MIT gymnasts on Parallel Bars. On the High Bar, Grullon had the top score of the pack.

Daniel Wiley, Talal AlFakhri, and William Dean competed for Boston University. Dean had a meet leading 11.5 on Floor, AlFakhri had a 10.3 as well. AlFakhri also posted an 11 to lead the division on Vault as Dean had a 10.7 and Wiley a 10. AlFakhri’s 10.2 was the best Parallel Bars score of the day in the division as well.

Very modest image gallery.

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