Springfield College Gymnastics Homeshow


By David F. Pendrys

SPRINGFIELD, MA- The 106th edition of the Springfield Gymnastics Exhibition Homeshow was held Friday and Saturday night in Blake Arena. The Saturday edition I attended was packed with fans as is often the case with the popular event.

The “Homeshow” name came about because the Springfield Gymnastics Exhibition used to be a traveling event, and it’s final show would be at home. The tradition is carried out by the schools two Gymnastics teams along with Springfield’s Dance Group, and in this case a Baton Twirler as well.

The Exhibition show combines gymnastics elements into a theatrical display. The gymnasts not only engage in routines in costumes set to music, the use of the apparatus can also vary as well. Also broken out is other apparatus such as a trampoline, and a high wire type balancing line. Also each year several gymnasts perform using the techniques of aerialists.

The Co-Directors of the show are long time Men’s Gymnastics Coach Dr. Steven Posner and brand new Women’s Gymnastics Coach Jenn Najuch. Assisting them was Men’s Assistant Coaches Rich Ruggiero, and William Chin, and Women’s Assistant Coach Brian Cogan. Ruggiero, Chin, and Cogan are all alums of the Springfield Men’s Gymnastics team. Also assisting them was Norman Boulrice, as well as SC Gymnastics alums Ian Stratton, Lauren Pocius, Rachel Mattison, and Penn Gymnastics alum Nicki Valenti.

The energetic emcee was Harry Rock, Director of SC’s Office of YMCA Relations. For those unaware Springfield College is deeply connected to the YMCA. The pianist for several portions of the show was Douglas McCarthy. Technical Director was Danny Davis, Technical Consultant and Lighting was handled by Mike Paradis. Videographer was Michael Ahearn. Sound was handled by Stephen Garde. The Springfield College Dancers was directed by Cynthia Nazzaro.

Videos from the Show:

1-Memories – Video Dailymotion
2-Sengoku Dynasty (Partial) – Video Dailymotion
2-Sengoku Dynasty (Wide Shot) – Video Dailymotion
3-First Flight – Video Dailymotion
4-Gladiators & Goddesses (Goddesses) – Video Dailymotion
4-Gladiators & Goddesses (Gladiators) – Video Dailymotion
5a-Baton Twirling – Video Dailymotion
5b-Basketball Dunks – Video Dailymotion
5b-Basketball (Wide Shot) – Video Dailymotion
6-Major Malfunction – Video Dailymotion
7-Queen Bees – Video Dailymotion
8-Streets of Hip Hop – Video Dailymotion
9-Medieval Games (Wide Shot) – Video Dailymotion
9-Medieval Games (Close Up) – Video Dailymotion
10-Age of Exploration (Close Up) – Video Dailymotion
10-Age of Exploration (Wide Shot) – Video Dailymotion
11-Bad – Video Dailymotion
12-The Last Spike – Video Dailymotion
13a-Tableau 1 – Video Dailymotion
13b-Tableau 2 – Video Dailymotion

Also as a behind the scenes look, you can see a video from one of the final dress rehearsals.

Close Up
Bust a Move (Close Up) – Video Dailymotion
Beyonce (Close Up) – Video Dailymotion
Trampoline (Close Up) – Video Dailymotion
Ninjas Beam (Close Up) – Video Dailymotion
Medieval (Close Up) – Video Dailymotion
Gods and Goddesses (Close Up) – Video Dailymotion
Evolution Floor 2 (Close Up) – Video Dailymotion
Evolution Floor (Close Up) – Video Dailymotion
Dancers (Close Up) – Video Dailymotion

Wide Shot
14e-Tableau 5 – Video Dailymotion
14d-Tableau 4 – Video Dailymotion
14c-Tableau 3 – Video Dailymotion
14b-Tableau 2 – Video Dailymotion
14a-Tableau 1 – Video Dailymotion
13c-Tableau 3 – Video Dailymotion
13-P Bars – Video Dailymotion
12-Dancers – Video Dailymotion
11-Aerialists – Video Dailymotion
10-Medieval – Video Dailymotion
9-Bust A Move – Video Dailymotion
8-Beyonce – Video Dailymotion
7-Cavemen – Video Dailymotion
6-Basketball – Video Dailymotion
5-Baton – Video Dailymotion
4-Gods and Goddesses – Video Dailymotion
3b-Airplane – Video Dailymotion
3a-Airplane – Video Dailymotion
2-Ninjas – Video Dailymotion
1-OpeningEvolution – Video Dailymotion

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