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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Several of these questions are covered in detail in the disclaimer as well, but this is basically an FAQ section to make it easier to get basic info, though I recommend visiting the disclaimer as well.

What is the purpose of

To provide information and history about the sport of collegiate gymnastics as well as multimedia. This site is meant to act the same as a media site, even though the site owner may not be considered a member of the media.

Does this site make any money?

No, nor is it ever meant to. It’s meant to provide information, not make money off of NCAA institutions nor their athletes. Making money off of NCAA athletes is against NCAA regulations. This site has no other purpose but to inform.

Can you link to my site?

I’m afraid I cannot. Website links may constitute a direct or indirect endorsement of an organization, website, company, et cetera. This has the potential to violate NCAA regulations therefore I cannot link to any other site from this one. The only exceptions I make is to link to some news organizations and to institution websites (if permission is granted) as news organizations are by nature impartial and institutions have compliance offices which means they can evaluate whether a link is appropriate. As I can never be sure of the booster status, activities, commercial interests et cetera of other sites I must refrain from other links.

You run another gymnastics website though don’t you?

I do run a gymnastics link site. However that site is not linked to from this site. It is an impartial link site that also is set up in accordance with NCAA regulations. It links to sites but provides no other information about NCAA teams and certainly no photographs or other media. That site is seperately constructed to eliminate any potential inpropriety, percieved or real.

You cite sources for certain facts and such. What does that mean?

Since I cannot be everywhere at once I rely on other sources to fill in gaps in knowledge, whether that be rosters, scores, standings, awards, and scheduling. Anytime I do not produce such information myself through attending meets and such, I cite and source where I obtain the information from. Such citing does not imply endorsement of the source, nor does it imply the source endorses this site. When seeking factual information from organizations and institutions, I utilize only cited the bare minimum facts. i.e. scheduled events, reported scores and awards, and roster information as it is expected that these would be released in some sort of public release or media guide by the institutions. No copyright violation is intended. This site makes no money, and will never profit from a collegiate institution in any way. This site does rely on some basic facts in order to function, but acts as a media agent in regard to how those facts are used. However, I am asking permission from every source to reprint the facts anyway. Some sources have already granted reprint permissions. Hopefully that’ll prevent any issues.

What is a representative of athletic interest “booster” and are you one?

The exact definition is spelled out in the NCAA bylaws and it would be better if you consulted them to find the exact detailed definition. However, based on reading the bylaws and my consultation with NCAA staff it is possible I can be considered a representative of athletic interest (booster) of several schools. That status means the I must be careful in how I act as I am governed by NCAA regulations too. Thus all my activities are meant to not violate any NCAA regulations including this website.

So if you’re a booster does that mean you like some gymnastics teams more than others?

No. I do not support any team over any other. I don’t want any team to win over any other. I just observe what teams win and lose and the achievements and scores of the indvidual athletes. I can be impartial but still congratulate winners and achievers. I can also be supportive of all athletes (as long as such support does not violate any rules.)

But you don’t talk about every team on this site only some teams?

Yes, because I can’t possibly cover every team myself. I’m only one person. While maybe someday this site will have a larger group of contributors that is not the current status of this site. I cover teams I can see in action in person first, and then for the most part randomly choose who to cover next. I still remain impartial. If a team I cover goes up against one I don’t, my view on who wins remains neutral.

Are you officially supported by any school, conference, or the NCAA?

No. While this status could possibly change in the future, currently I receive no offical sanction, support, or endorsement from any school, conference, or the NCAA. I do contact these entities, to either ask compliance questions, or to notify them I am a booster and such. I also contact to obtain media permissions. I am currently working to get reprint permissions so I can quote from institution press releases. Institutions may grant me these permissions and consider me a media entity, however, I don’t believe that can be considered any sort of endorsement of the site. I am working to obtain various media permissions from a variety of schools. Currently, the University of Rhode Island, Brown University, Yale University, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have allowed me limited permissions to quote from athletic department websites. This should not be seen as an endorsement of my activities from said institutions nor in return an endorsement of said institutions by the owner of this site. I am not connected to any school with a gymnastics program except through possibly the booster provision. A person can be a representative of athletic interest without support from the institution involved. I am an independent actor.

I am a recruit or the family member of a recruit, can I ask you about the teams you cover?

No. NCAA regulations are very specific about boosters talking to recruits and family members of recruits. If I talked to you about a team we could both be in violation of NCAA regulatons. Thus I cannot discuss teams with the recruit or family members. The information I provide on this site is public to all and is targeted towards followers of the sport. It’s not meant to be a recruiting tool. This is not a recruiting site. This site does not promote or suggest attending any institution over any other.

Can I use your multimedia?

Not without my permission. Please do not take any photos or other media forms without asking. Currently I would probably not grant permission, not because I’m trying to be mean, but just because I want to make sure I do not violate any NCAA rules. But please ask and I can consider the request at least.

Please contact me with any other questions, comments, et cetera you might have.

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