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I reserve the right to add or amend to this disclaimer at any time. Disclaimer last amended (Feb 8th, 2007)

This site is impartial and non-commercial. It is informational in nature. This site uses factual sources under the fair use provision of U.S. Copyright law. No copyright infringement is intended. If any copyright holder wishes facts cited to be removed I will do so immediately. The owner of this site may be considered an athletics booster at several collegiate institutions, however this site is impartial. The owner does not support any team over any other regarding any championships or other athletic merits. This is not a recruiting site. Coverage is based entirely on geographic convenience. Some teams are covered more heavily than others entirely due to their accessibility. While the owner of this site is not currently recognized as a media outlet, this site is meant to act as a media outlet. As an athletics booster I am subject to NCAA regulations and thus act willingly to remain within compliance with them. Please do not use original accounts and media here without the permission of the site owner.

This site is meant to historically report on and provide information about Collegiate Gymnastics to increase knowledge of the sport.

This site has been created after consultation with the NCAA Membership Services compliance office as well with numerous compliance officials at several membership insitutions. That being said does not mean this site has any official sanction or support from the NCAA, any athletic conference, or any member institution. The site owner is an independent agent. Universities are made aware of the sites purpose and permission is sought to reprint news releases and information, and use video clips on this site. This is similar to what other media organizations would do. While many universities have been contacted, and more will be, currently this site operates with permission from the following schools; University of Rhode Island

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Brown University

Yale University

to reprint information released through their athletic websites and to provide proper citation. This should not be seen as affecting the impartiality of this site in anyway. As a site I act as a media source (just like ESPN, Fox Sports, anything like that) but due to the unclear legal status of internet only operations I always go through channels when possible.

The owner of this site has not donated any money to any university booster club, or fund. The owner of this site has not attended nor currently attends any of the schools spoken of within this site as a student.

This site is noncommercial. The site owner does not recieve any money to run it, and in fact pays for website space out of their own pocket. The site owner also pays for all expenses regarding travel and other costs out of their own pocket. This site is not meant in any way to provide income or prohibited services to any university, conference, private citizen, or athlete.

This site is also not meant in any way to promote the giving of income or services to the site owner nor to any university, conference, private citizen, or athlete.

This site does not link out to any other site, with two exceptions, to prevent the appearance of any degree of partiality, and to prevent the appearance of support for any commercial or quasi-commercial entity with regards to NCAA by-laws.

Exceptions: News Media Outlets who cover gymnastics may occassionally have a story that will be quoted from or linked to. Also, if permission is granted links may eventually go to institution websites, but only through channels. These are the only exceptions as the news media is by nature impartial, and institutions operate with their own compliance offices. As I cannot be sure of the operations, motives, booster status and the like of any other sites or site owners, that is all I can link to.

Factual information not acquired by the site owner is cited and sourced. Such citing does not imply endorsement of the source, nor does it imply the source endorses this site. When seeking factual information from organizations and institutions, I utilize only cited the bare minimum facts. i.e. scheduled events, reported scores and awards, and roster information as it is expected that these would be released in some sort of public release or media guide by the institutions. No copyright violation is intended. This site makes no money, and will never profit from a collegiate institution in any way. This site does rely on some basic facts in order to function, but acts as a media agent in regard to how those facts are used. However I am contacting sources for permission to reproduce materials anyway.

This site is NOT a recruiting site. It is not meant to aid institutions in recruitment nor give recruits and their families any additional information beyond what is allowed under NCAA recruitment by-laws. In accordance with NCAA regulations, current recruits and their families/friends are discouraged from contacting the site owner with any questions regarding specific programs before or during the recruiting process, as such requests may be a violation of NCAA regulations. This site does not promote attending any institution over any other.

By vowing impartiality the site owner does not support any team over any other or any gymnast over any other in terms of winning any championships, awards, or for that meets. The owner however does reserve the right to express congratulations to any team or gymnast should they win an award or accomplish an achievement. This should not be construed as supporting that team or gymnast over any other. The site owner only reports on the sport of gymnastics, however will make all efforts to avoid any breach of impartiality which may occur in the site owner’s following of other sports governed by NCAA rules and regulation.

The site owner reserves the right to wear clothing bearing team names and logos as long as doing so does not suggest the site owner is not impartial. If the site owner attends a dual meet, they will not wear team clothing unless they have a piece from both teams. If the meet is a tri-or quad meet similar rules apply. There is one exception to this regarding teams which do not want the site owner to act as a fan. This is covered later on in the disclaimer.

Due to the sheer number of NCAA gymnastics teams, the site owner cannot cover them all with equal time and effort. Therefore the site owner does their best. Coverage of one team and failure to cover another team does not mean the site owner is any more supportive of that team’s efforts, it merely reflects the limited resources available to the site owner. The site owner currently covers teams based on the following circumstances. The site owner reserves the right to amend this at any time. Currently teams are covered based on

1.) Geographic Convenience.

The site owner lives in New England, therefore, New England teams are the first to be covered due to the relative ease of attending meets in this area and thus it is easier to build knowledge about local teams. Secondly, teams in the Northeast region, who are the most frequent visitors to New England home meets are the next easily covered. Thus the primary teams covered will be within the ECAC and EAGL conferences since those are the easiest to see.

2.) Information Convenience.

Due to the nature of information, it may sometimes be easier to follow certain teams just due to more information being available about them that facilitates discussion or comment. Such discussion does not imply giving priority to any one team, but just that given limited resources it is sometimes easier to produce output due to ease of acquiring inputs.

3.) Random circumstances.

Throughout the site owner’s travels on the web, as well as in real life, the owner will generally cover teams outside the northeast region for generally random reasons, whether it be because a certain team has a more informative website than another, or some other random event that points the site owner in the direction of that team to follow. Such random study does not mean the owner favors that team above any others as mentioned before in this disclaimer. As said, it is impossible for one person to follow every team, so there wll always be some random elements involved.

Due to past events including wearing clothing, website efforts, and other activities, the site owner might be considered a representative of athletics interest (according to the NCAA bylaws and regulations) of the following schools:

Yale University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Southern Connecticut State University, Brown University, University of New Hampshire, University of Bridgeport, University of Rhode Island, Springfield College, Rhode Island College, University of Pennsylvania, Ursinus College, SUNY Cortland, SUNY Brockport, West Chester University of Pennsylvania, Ithaca College. University of Denver.

It is also possible I may be considered a representative of athletic interest of

Temple University, University of Arkansas, University of Oklahoma, Cal State Fullerton, University of Pittsburgh, Rutgers University.

The following above is due to either the taking and display of photographs taken of athletes, or through online statements and postings. Due to the broad nature of NCAA regulations, I act with the understanding that may I be potentially considered a represenative of athletic interest of every NCAA institution that have women’s gymnastics program and thus act the same regarding each school.

Therefore, while I may be considered a representative of athletics interest at any institution in the NCAA gymnastics program, I also act impartially to not benefit any one school over another. I act to avoid violating any NCAA regulations regarding recruiting, amateurism, or any other applicable rules.

Note: due to a specific request from Springfield College, I currently do not display any pictures of Springfield athletes, nor mention the school except in the context of discussing other teams. I also currently do not act in any way that might make me considered a fan of Springfield College though I do not act in any way to support any team over Springfield College either.

Note: Due to specific contact from Rhode Island College I do not display any pictures of Rhode Island College athletes, nor mention the school except in terms of that team being an opponent or host of teams I do discuss. I also currently do not act in a way that would make me considered a fan of Rhode Island Colege, though I do not act in any way to support any team over Rhode Island College either.

I am impartial but will restrict my activities regarding specific schools and conferences in accordance with institution and conference regulations and wishes.

Any questions, comments, and concerns can be sent to me via the contact information provided.

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